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Главная > Цены на КФС для других стран

Цены на КФС для других стран

The "Planet of Regions" company sets the following prices for Koltsov's СFS for EUROPE and other foreign countries:

CFS Koltsova price CFS Koltsov blue, green, lilac, gold, exclusive and collection series - 119 EUR

price KFS-bracelet CFS-bracelet - 139 EUR

price CFS elite series CFS elite series and winter series 2020 - 139 EUR

price CSC protection on the phone and CSC pendant CSC protection on the phone and FSC pendant - 45 EUR

These prices for Koltsov's CFS products are the minimum and obligatory for all official distributors of the "Planet of Regions" company. If you find a site offering prices less than recommended, check the "black list" on the official site of the "Planet of Regions" company http://xn----7sbajejczuvglbcv3a.xn--p1ai/

You can place an order in several ways:
  1. "Place an order" button in the lower right corner if you are viewing the site from a computer

  2. "How to order" button in the product card (for phones and computers)

  3. "Feedback" button at the top of the site (for phones and computers)

For your convenience, you can use the automatic Google translator function by selecting the language in the upper right corner of the site.